All Up In the Kitchen In My Heels...


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I’m well aware she’s merely a symptom of deep systemic fuckery and possibly a perfectly nice girl but Taylor Swift is the poster child for oblivious white privilege. That’s not hating. That’s fact stating.

Try to imagine the surface evidence of your cultural identity – your clothes, your physical vernacular, your slang, your music – all things that are in no way indicative of what’s in your heart, despite having been used by those in power frequently and repeatedly, for centuries, to justify your harassment and murder…

Imagine those things being co-opted by a rich, powerful, pop princess on a day when the national guard has been called in to your small, working class suburb to restrict your right to protest that centuries old injustice. Try, just for a second, to imagine how that might make you feel — the double standard shoved so baldly and brazenly in your face. The very same things that get you called a thug or a ho, get her called “adorable” and “staying true to herself”. Then times that feeling by infinity because it NEVER STOPS.

Cultural gate keepers make billions of dollars co-opting black culture and then use that same culture against black men and women to prove they’re thugs who deserve to die.

Sometimes I don’t understand how black people get out of bed every day with love and benevolence in their hearts. It’s a testament to the indomitable human spirit and worthy of our respect and praise.

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